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Ingrid Sørheim (b. 1996) from Hardanger in Norway is a freelance folk musician and has a Bachelor’s degree from the Ole Bull Academy, with Melodeon as her main instrument. She spent the 2018/19 academic year on exchange at Newcastle University, England, where she met Bob Downham and Astrid Garmo and Vesterveg was formed. Ingrid is known to captivate the audience with her lyrical music and warm spirit. When she isn’t fusing the traditional music of Norway and the British Isles with Vesterveg, she immerses herself in her home tradition of Hardanger and composes tunes with her singer-songwriter folkband Veijr.(

Fun Fact:

Once she was taking the bus to Voss, she saw a unconscious man lying in the ditch and called the national security number. A few days later, she read in the local newspaper that the police and been called out and that the man turned out to be a scarescrow!

Plays: Castagnari rik AD and Berflødt GC and BE.

Likes: Folk Music, nynorsk, whole milk and Jesus. 

Dislikes: English tap water. 

Favourite dance: Swing - you never know what your partner's gonna do!

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